Beyond Buy Local, Investing Local - Interview w/ Honeycomb Credit Co-Founder

December 18, 2017

Small businesses play an important role in our communities. They are the local mom and pop clothing store you’ve been shopping at since you were a kid, they are the coffee shop where you meet your friends, and they are the gift shop where you got that local art that is the centerpiece of your living room. Small businesses are, well, awesome. But, they do struggle, and no matter how often you shop small, it may not be enough to help your favorite small business grow. They really need financial support to survive or evolve, but for small businesses that can be extremely difficult.

What are these difficulties and is there a way to not just shop small, but invest small? We chatted Ken Martin, Co-founder of Honeycomb Credit to find out.


Smart Batteries, a chat w/ Watt-Learn - Innovation Series

November 19, 2017

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the 21st Century! We’ve got smartphones, smart cars, and smart mouths, but no smart batteries. Unlike our other tech, batteries lack any ability to think and they, as we have all experienced, die way too quickly. Solving this powerful problem is Watt-Learn, who just emerged from the Pittsburgh-based accelerator AlphaLab. Watt-Learn is using machine learning to give batteries the ability to think independently. So, when you need to manage power for things like getting the most out of your home’s solar + battery or have sufficient energy during a thunderstorm, batteries can make it happen without help.


Construction Mapping w/ Drones - Interview w/ CEO of Identified Technologies - Innovation Series

November 7, 2017

Nowadays, most people know that drones are available as a novelty toy and that the U.S. military uses them for a variety of reason. But, few realize that drones are being used in other industries. We chatted with the Founder and CEO of Identified Technologies, a Pittsburgh based commercial drone mapping company, to learn how drones are being used for construction.